Sun Safety

Mother applying sunscreen to child's back on a beach


Protect Yourself from the Sun

  • Reduce your sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. from April to September or when the UV index is 3 or higher
  • Check the Weather Network website for the daily UV index
  • While outside, seek or create your own shade
  • Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs
  • Wear close-fitting sunglasses with UV 400 or 100% UV protection any time of day, all year round
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat for added protection
  • Use a sunscreen labelled "broad spectrum", "water resistant" and with a SPF 30 or higher
  • Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours, especially after swimming, sweating or toweling off

Things to Avoid

  • Do not use tanning beds or other devices that give off UV rays
  • Do not get a tan on purpose and avoid getting a sunburn
  • Do not expose yourself to UV rays to meet vitamin D needs - use food or supplements instead

Checking Your Skin

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