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A person smiling with shirt sleeve rolled up to expose bandage on upper arm

Vaccination Clinics

Find out how to get your routine vaccines, flu shots, travel vaccines and more.

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Birth control and condom

Sexual Health Clinic

See us about STI testing, healthy relationships, our needle syringe program and more.

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Woman breastfeeding a child.

Breastfeeding Clinics

We offer breastfeeding support by phone and provide one-on-one help through breastfeeding clinics.

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Close up image of a smiling mouth being checked by dentist

Dental Clinic

We're available by appointment for dental emergencies and emergency referrals.

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Close-up image of a smiling parent holding phone to ear and baby resting against chest while in carrier

Pregnancy & Parenting

Our Healthy Families team is here to listen and offer support to new and expecting parents, free of charge. 

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Close-up image of gloved hands taking liquid sample off spoon; plate of vegetables.

Food Safety Certification

Get trained on the general principles of safe food handling and earn your certificate.

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Community sharps disposal bin

Sharps Handling & Disposal

Learn how to safely pick up and dispose of sharps with our free online training! Register as an individual, business or agency. 

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Image of a person holding a naloxone kit

Naloxone Training

Naloxone can help reverse the effects of an overdose. Register as an individual, business or agency for free, online naloxone training.

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Restaurant table setting


We inspect local restaurants, nail salons, child care centres and more. 

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Filling a cup of water at kitchen sink

Private Drinking Water Testing

Test your water three times per year: spring, summer and fall. 

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Making a splash in the lake


Each summer, we sample the waters of local beaches to make sure they are safe for you to swim in.

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Back view of young child flexing with bandage on upper arm.

Vaccination Records

Check or update your vaccination records.

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Female-presenting individual making a transaction with customer at a farmer's market stand

Community Events

Notify us before serving or selling food at community events, farmers' markets and more.

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Happy nail salon owner at desk

Personal Service Settings

Notify us before opening, renovating, or adding a new service to your beauty salon or tattoo parlour.

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Image of the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit's office in North Bay

North Bay Location

345 Oak St. W, North Bay


Preview of external entrance to new Health Unit location in Parry Sound

Parry Sound

90 Bowes Street, Suite 201, Parry Sound

Office locations

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