Racism is a Public Health Issue 

Racism is a deep-rooted problem in Canada and in our communities. Whether directed against Black, Indigenous, or other populations, all forms of racism create harm and are unacceptable.  

The Term ‘Racism’ is Often Misunderstood 

Often, we think of racism as an act of discrimination by one person against another. However, racism is present in our everyday lives in many ways. Racism is a system of beliefs and practices that give unfair advantages to one racial group and disadvantages to others. Racism is the entrenched discriminatory practices of institutions, not only people. Embedded in the roots of our society, its power and pervasiveness often go unnoticed.

How Racism Impacts Health 

Racism affects all aspects of life. In fact, racism is considered a social determinant of health. People who experience racism experience poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Discrimination makes it difficult for racialized and marginalized groups to attain higher education, adequate employment, safe housing, access to culturally informed health care, desired goods and necessary services. These inequities place these groups at higher risk of chronic health conditions, communicable diseases, as well as mental health challenges.

Challenge Racism 

Take the time to learn about the racial issues that are taking place in our country by doing the research, as well as listening to and learning from Black, Indigenous and people of colour in our community who have lived experience.  


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