Dental First Aid



  • Do not use heat

  • If swelling is present, place cold compress to the outside of the cheek 
  • Do not place a pain reliever on the gum tissue of the aching tooth
  • Go see a dentist

Knocked-out tooth

  • A knocked-out tooth can be re-implanted if the child receives medical/dental help quickly
  • Apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding from the socket of the tooth. Have the child bite down on a thick pad placed in the socket
  • Seat the child with the head forward so blood can drain out of the mouth
  • Place the tooth in a cup of milk. If milk is not available, the tooth may be preserved in a saline solution or wrapped in a plastic wrap kept moist with the child's saliva
  • Handle the tooth by the top, do not touch the root
  • Give ongoing care and get medical help. If the knocked-out tooth is the only injury, get the child to a dentist as quickly as possible for the best chance of re-implanting the tooth

Warning, do not

  • Use an antiseptic solution to clean the tooth
  • Wash out the mouth when the bleeding has stopped - this may disturb the blood clots making the injury bleed again

Broken or bumped tooth

  • Try to clean dirt or debris from injured area with warm water
  • Place cold compresses on face next to injured tooth to minimize swelling
  • Check for broken tooth chips, fragments in lips, cheeks, etc
  • Take child to the dentist immediately

Bitten tongue or lip

  • Apply direct pressure to bleeding area with a clean cloth
  • If swelling is present, apply cold compresses
  • If bleeding does not stop immediately or the bite is severe, take the child to the hospital emergency room

Possible fractured jaw

  • Place the conscious child in a sitting position with head well forward to allow any fluids to drain freely
  • Support the jaw with a soft pad held in place by hands, not with a bandage - don't bandage the mouth closed
  • Keep the jaw still while you await medical assistance; this helps minimize pain and prevents further damage

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