Body Positivity


We believe all bodies are good bodies and health can be achieved at any size. However, many people in larger bodies experience bias, bullying and discrimination. Visit the links below to learn about weight bias and how to be inclusive of all body sizes in your work and life.  

Reducing Weight Bias 

Body Positivity Resources


All Bodies are GreatThe Body Book: A fun rhyming book about body diversity and acceptance ideal for toddlers to kids in kindergarten or grade 1. 

How to Talk to Your Child about Weight Bias

Weight Bias Information for Parents

What It’s Like To Grow Up In A Larger Body: A Letter To Parents


A Message to Educators

NEDIC Beyond Images: This curriculum for grades 4-8 provides students with the opportunity to explore key issues around body image and self-esteem as well as media messaging, while developing critical thinking skills. 

NEDIC Webinar: Pandemic Body Image

Nurturing Healthy Eaters in Elementary Schools

Nurturing Healthy Eaters in Secondary Schools


Body Confidence for Teens

Resources for Kids and Teens 

TED Talks:

  • Body Positivity or Body Obsession? Learning to See More & Be More | Lindsay Kite | TEDxSaltLakeCity

Community Partners

A Message to Health Care Providers

Addressing Weight Bias: A Call to Action (Français)

UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Health

Association for Size Diversity and Health

Clever Replies to Damaging Remarks 

Diverse Body Size Image Galleries

The following stock image galleries feature people with diverse body sizes. The images are free to use but please note most galleries have terms of use and some require photo attribution. Please read and adhere to all terms of use when using images from these galleries.

Additional Resources

The Health Unit offers a range of nutrition programs, resources, and services to promote healthy eating throughout the lifespan and create supportive nutrition environments in the community.

Mental health is an important part of our overall health. There is no health without mental health. Mental health and physical health are related and affect each other. Review the Health Unit's resources on mental health. 

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