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Who We Are

As one of 35 public health units across Ontario, we:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles including nutrition, active living, reproductive, sexual and dental health, and child development
  • Prevent tobacco use, substance and alcohol misuse, and injuries. Prevent diseases through genetics counselling and clinical services for immunization, dental, and sexual health
  • Protect our communities from infectious diseases and environmental hazards in food, water, air, and soil
  • Prepare for, respond to and support recovery from major emergencies

Mission, vision and values

Mission: To foster healthy living within our communities by preventing illness, promoting healthy choices and providing trusted support and information.

Vision: A healthy life for everyone in our communities.

Values: Honesty, compassion, transparency, accountability, collaboration and excellence.

Organizational Chart

Our Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018

Baby Friendly Initiative

With support from community partners, the Health Unit has achieved Baby-Friendly Initiative (“BFI”) status. This means that the Health Unit provides high standards of care for pregnant women and their families by:

  • Welcoming all families
  • Providing all families with information about feeding their babies
  • Promoting exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and continued for up to two years or longer with the addition of other foods
  • Welcoming breastfeeding anywhere, anytime
  • Making sure staff have up-to-date breastfeeding training
  • Working with our community to support breastfeeding

The initiative is a global effort to implement practices that protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

If you’re a business owner or employee who would like to create a supportive feeding environment for families please call 705-474-1400 ext 5351. This could include staff education or drafting a breastfeeding policy for staff returning to work following their parental leave.

For more general information on becoming baby-friendly, visit the following links:

Breastfeeding support at the Health Unit

What We Do

Where We Are

Our Health Unit provides services to over 120,000 residents within an area consisting of most of Nipissing District, and all of Parry Sound District. Our catchment area includes 31 municipalities, four unorganized areas, and nine First Nation reserves.

The City of North Bay anchors the northern part of the district and is home to the Health Unit's main office. The Health Unit has two branch offices, one in the Town of Parry Sound and the other in Burk’s Falls.

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The Health Unit's main building is located at 345 Oak Street West in North Bay, Ontario. Our new Health Unit was designed with the public in mind – their needs, well-being and health. Within the Health Unit we have a teaching kitchen, ample meeting space, barrier-free and all-gender washrooms, as well as a family room to breastfeed or care for your child in comfort.

View some photos of the Health Unit at 345 Oak Street West in North Bay.

For more information on the Health Unit washrooms, click here.

North Bay

345 Oak Street West

Parry Sound

70 Joseph Street Unit #302

Burk's Falls

17 Copeland Street (by appointment only)