Triple P Tips

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The Triple P Tips Series are interactive workshops related to commonly encountered problems such as parenting with a partner, stress as a parent, and managing difficult situations (i.e. stealing and lying). 

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Being a Parent

Most adults begin parenting unprepared for what lies ahead, and learn their parenting skills through trial and error. Many also have high expectations of themselves and feel they should be able to easily cope with being a parent. This workshop will help you manage parenting challenges by learning how to:

  • Have more realistic expectations of yourself, your child, and your partner
  • Take care of your own needs as a parent and take care of your other relationships
  • Work together with your partner as a parenting team

Quick tip:

Parenting is a lot like taking a great picture with a camera. Just focus on what is important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. If things don't work out, take another shot! Remember, there is no single right way to be a perfect parent, but there are millions of ways to be a great parent.

Coping with Stress as a Parent

Being a parent is very demanding and it's normal to feel stress; however, when stress levels are frequently high for parents, it can leave them feeling depleted and unable to calmly deal with their children. This workshop will help you to:

  • Think about helpful lifestyle changes to decrease stress.
  • Notice increasing tension early and find coping techniques to decrease the tension
  • Catch and challenge negative and unhelpful thoughts that increase your stress
  • Develop a coping plan of helpful thoughts and actions for stressful situations

Quick tip:

When we are stressed as parents, our children's misbehaviours can add to our stress. When we are calm and feel like we can cope, we tend to see our children's behaviour in a much more manageable way. Take deep breaths or take a minute to listen to a soothing song and then deal with behavioural issues and you will notice your children react more positively.

Parenting with a Partner

Parenting is easier and more rewarding when parents work together, communicate well, and support each other. All parents occasionally disagree about how to manage their children but it's important to work together to reduce negative impacts on your child's development. Discover how to:

  • Effectively share ideas and talk calmly with your partner about your children and family life
  • Support your partner when they are dealing with your child's misbehaviour
  • Have conversations with your partner when the children are not around that builds a supportive atmosphere and effective problem solving

Quick tip:

Children who see their parents arguing can learn unhelpful ways of dealing with problems. Plan a time for talking about problems when you are both likely to be calm and the children will not interrupt. It can be helpful to work together to solve simple problems in front of your children; however, avoid issues that cannot be easily solved. These types of arguments are better left for when your child is not present.


Homework is a wonderful way for children to learn time management and self-discipline and can show parents what they are learning at school. If your child has difficulty with completing homework, it can be difficult to know how to help them. This workshop will give suggestions on how parents can help children focus and set up effective study habits.

Quick tip:

Children need time to relax after school, just as adults do after work. Your child may also be hungry. Offer an afternoon snack and let your child tell you about their day. If your child is in after-school care, give them time to unwind when they first get home. Once they have had time to relax, they can start their homework more refreshed.



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