Parenting of Tweens and Teens

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Raising Responsible Teenagers

Learn how to encourage teenagers to be involved in family decision making, be respectful, lead a healthy lifestyle, be reliable, and more. Understand what normal conflict is between teenagers and their parents, and how to deal with disagreements over discipline. Learn how to work with your teenagers as they struggle with mistakes and take on adult responsibilities.

Quick tip:

Involving your teenagers in family decision making is a great way to get them to make good decisions. Start with asking them for input on what to cook, what to watch on TV, or what to name the pet dog. When teenagers are involved in decision making they learn to listen and value other people's opinions. They may also learn how to appropriately express their opinions and problem solve.

Raising Competent Teenagers

Learn how to involve yourself in your teenagers' lives in a positive way. This will prepare them for a satisfying and productive adult life. Help your teens learn self-discipline and problem solving so that they succeed at school and in their relationships with friends, family, teachers, and their community.

Quick tip:

Teenagers who have regular, open, non-judgmental discussions with their parents about their friends tend to have more positive peer relationships. Make friendships a regular light topic of conversation, show interest, invite their friends over, and be there to talk to when they are having trouble. Encourage contact with peers who you think are a good influence.

Getting Teenagers Connected

Discover how to make parenting more enjoyable by helping your teenager connect with their community. Help your teenager understand the dangers of society and how to engage in positive and enjoyable events in a safe way. 

Quick tip:

Look for opportunities to encourage laughter and fun, and provide your teenager with lots of appropriate affection. Some parents think that older children don't want or need their parent’s affection. This is rarely true but it can happen if parents embarrass their teenager in front of other people, particularly their peers. Look for ways to show affection that are appropriate to your teenager's age and preferences.

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