Parenting for Children 1-10 Years of Age

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The Power of Positive Parenting

In this workshop, parents are introduced to the five key principles of positive parenting:

  • Ensuring a safe engaging environment
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Using assertive discipline
  • Having reasonable expectations
  • Looking after yourself as a parent

Quick tip:

Instead of saying "stop jumping on the bed", try "beds are for sleeping, sitting and relaxing - not for jumping."  What's the difference? It's the simple addition of the behaviour you expect. Now your child knows what the appropriate behaviour is, not just what they should stop doing. This strategy works in all kinds of situations - give it a try!

Raising Confident, Competent Children

In this workshop, parents are introduced to six core building blocks for children to become confident and successful at school and beyond. These competencies are:

  • Showing respect to others
  • Being considerate
  • Having good communication and social skills
  • Having a healthy self-esteem
  • Being a good problem solver
  • Becoming independent 

Quick tip:

As parents, we can help our children build self-esteem and determination by pointing out all the small progressions they are making along the way, not just when they successfully complete a new skill. 

For example, 'That was great reading. I noticed you didn't need my help as much as last time. If you keep practicing, you will be able to read this book without my help. What good work you are doing!' 

Raising Resilient Children

Parents are introduced to six core building blocks for children to manage their feelings and become resilient in dealing with life stress. These competencies are:

  • Recognizing and accepting feelings
  • Expressing feelings appropriately
  • Building a positive outlook
  • Developing coping skills
  • Dealing with negative feelings
  • Dealing with stressful life events

Quick tip:

One of the best ways to help children work through various emotions is to be emotionally expressive yourself. Talk to your child about your feelings. Children learn a lot about emotions from watching their parents. They learn they are not alone in having strong emotions, and how to better manage them.

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