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In the Triple P Discussion Group series, parents come together to talk about common problems such as disobedience, fighting, aggression, and managing difficult situations (i.e. shopping and bedtime). Parents are encouraged to sign up for the topic areas that interest them, or that they have specific questions about.

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Dealing with Disobedience

This discussion group will help you set rules and give instructions your children will follow. You will learn parenting tips to help create a personal plan, including how to:

  • Reduce disobedience
  • Teach limits
  • Manage disobedience when necessary

Quick tip:

Do you give your children instructions that sound like a question? When you ask your child "would you like to take a bath now?", they are given the choice to say "no".

Try changing your question to "it's time to have your bath now" and see how the result changes.

Managing Fighting and Aggression

When our children argue, fight, or become aggressive, it can be hard to know when to step in and how to calm things down. Come join us to discuss your experiences and learn to help your children:

  • Get along with others
  • Deal with disagreements
  • Manage their frustrations

During this discussion group we will look at:

  • Reasons children fight
  • Teaching cooperative play
  • How to resolve conflict
  • Managing any problem related to fighting or aggression

Quick tip: 

It's important to break up fights between your children, but have you ever thought about asking them what they could have done differently to prevent the fight? Prompt them with those problem solving questions and you will give them new skills to solve future problems.

Developing Good Bedtime Routines

In this discussion group, parents will learn to:

  • Teach children to go to bed in a timely and cooperative manner
  • Encourage their children to stay in their own beds throughout the night
  • Gradual, gentle and direct approaches to improving bedtime routines

All approaches are evidence-based and parents can choose which approach suits them the best.

Quick tip:

When moving from one activity to the next, children do best with some mental preparation. As a reminder for your child, it can be helpful to start a countdown to bedtime. Tell your child when there is about 30 minutes before bedtime so they can mentally prepare, and then do it one more time a few minutes before bed so they can finish what they are doing before they start their bedtime routines.

Hassle-Free Shopping with Children

This discussion uses shopping trips as an example of one of the most common times parents have to deal with difficult behaviour. Positive parenting strategies are presented to prevent future problems and to teach children how to behave on shopping trips. 

Quick tip:

Decide on two to three simple rules for shopping trips and remind your child of them right before you enter the store.  Here are some possible examples: "Do as mom and dad say", "stay close to mom and dad", or "ask before you touch".


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