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Planning a trip? Catching a last minute seat sale? Protect your health by planning ahead and contacting the Health Unit for travel  information on your particular destination. The Health Unit offers a wide variety of travel vaccines and travel counselling that will help you stay healthy on your trip and keep you healthy once you return home.

Note: There is a shortage of the Yellow Fever vaccine (YF-VAX) across North America. Due to this shortage we cannot guarantee that the vaccine will be available. When you are planning your travel, please call the Health Unit well in advance to see if the vaccine is available.

October 2018: Please be advised that there is a shortage of Hepatitis B and Twinrix vaccine. Presently, the Health Unit does not have these vaccines in stock. When you are planning your travel call well in advance to see if these vaccines have become available.

Along with vaccinations there are many other considerations when you travel that include:

 For travel-related vaccine information, call 705-474-1400 or toll-free 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5551

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