Sex and COVID-19


Consensual sex can be a way of dealing with anxiety or fulfilling and expressing our needs for intimacy. It can also be pleasurable and help pass the time when isolated indoors. But is it safe to have sex during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Well, that depends.

Can I get COVID-19 from having sex?

The virus has been found in saliva, respiratory fluids, urine and feces. Although it hasn’t been found in vaginal fluid, it has been found in semen and more research is needed to know whether the virus can be sexually transmitted.

What we know for sure is that COVID-19 spreads when there is close physical contact. Using a condom and taking other traditional sex safety precautions may prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but it will not prevent infection from COVID-19. 

However, there are ways you can still have fun while reducing the risk of COVID-19.

Safe sex practices you can follow to reduce the risk of COVID-19

  • Your safest sex partner is yourself.
  • Try consensual sexting, virtual sex, video dating, or chat rooms.
  • Have a consensual partner that you are living with in the same household.
  • Avoid kissing and having sex with a partner, if feeling unwell, or if you have COVID-19.
  • Avoid having sex if one partner has a health condition that can lead to more severe illness from COVID-19.
  • If you usually meet sex partners online, are polyamorous with people who are not living in the same house, or make a living having sex, consider video dates, sexting or chat rooms instead of meeting people in person.

Learn more about safe sex practices and sexually transmitted diseases/infections. 

Adapted with permissions from Ottawa Public Health.

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