Last updated: April 9, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Federal Mandatory Isolation: Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act (March 25, 2020)

  • All persons entering Canada MUST isolate for 14 days whether or not you have symptoms and MUST STAY INSIDE your home and do not leave your place of isolation unless it is to seek medical attention

Provincial Recommendations (for those NOT under Quarantine Orders)

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health strongly recommends you:

  • STAY HOME except for essential reasons, such as to:
    • Access health care services;
    • Shop for groceries;
    • Pick-up medication at the pharmacy;
    • Walk pets when required; and
    • Support vulnerable community members with meeting the above needs.
  • LIMIT the number of essential trips
  • PHYSICALLY DISTANCE yourself when in public by two metres
  • SELF-ISOLATE if you are elderly or have underlying health conditions

Before self-isolation  

  • Before you return to Canada, you need to plan ahead and think about what you need to be able to stay at home for the full 14 days. 

  • Visit our emergency kits page for information on what to purchase for your emergency kit.  

  • Talk to your employer, friends and family to ask for their help to access the things you will need in advance. 

  • Talk to your employer to see if you can work from home during this time. 

  • Think about and plan how you can get access to food and other supplies such as medications. 

While in self-isolation 

  • If you need supplies while you are staying at home, ask friends or family to drop off anything you need or you can order supplies online. Make sure any deliveries are left outside your home for you to collect. 
  • You can keep in touch with friends and family over the phone, through or other means of contact. 

  • Physical exercise is good for your well being. Look for online classes or courses to help you take light exercise in your home. 

  • Don’t use public transport, taxis or similar transport methods during your 14 day period. You can use your own transport means (car, bike, etc.) whenever you wish. 

  • You can live with others during your 14 days, but you need to avoid close contact with them, staying at least 2 metres away. This also means don’t share beds, linen or food. 

  • Aim to stay in a well-ventilated room with a window that can be opened. Try to keep the window open as much as possible to enable ventilation and airflow as this will help to keep clean air moving through your room. 

  • Enjoy your backyard or outdoor space.  

  • Read or re-read a book. Taking time for yourself can help you enjoy your 14 days. 

  • Make crafts and plan activities with your children while in isolation. This is a great time to connect with your child, help them work through their emotions, and let your child play. Here are some great tips to help you and example activities: 
    • Teach kids why it’s important to wash their hands  

    • Bake together 

    • Have a tea party where everyone gets dressed up  

    • Build a fort out of couch cushions, furniture and blankets  

    • With the warmer weather coming take some time to play in the backyard or draw on the driveway with chalk  

    • While wearing a helmet ride your bike down the street 

    • Work on a family puzzle  

    • Write a letter to your friends or family and encourage them to write back 

Resources for self-isolation

Domestic violence

During the Covid 19 pandemic and under the guidance to physically distance and isolate, women and children are at greater risk of violence in the home.

If you are experiencing violence:

  • call 911 if you are in danger
  • connect with a local shelter, staff can provide you with outreach services
  • create a safety plan
  • carry your charged cell phone with you
  • find a safe room in your house

There are resources and services available to assist:

  • North Bay Police Service 705-497-5555
  • OPP 1-800-310-1122
  • Nipissing Transition House 705-476-2429
  • Crisis intervention 705-352-1141
  • Victims Services of Nipissing District at 705-472-2649

North Bay

345 Oak Street West

Parry Sound

70 Joseph Street Unit #302

Burk's Falls

17 Copeland Street (by appointment only)