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Cooking From Home 

Canada’s Food Guide tells us to cook food at home more often. Why? Benefits of cooking from home include: 

  • You can choose healthy ingredients and control what goes into the food 

  • You can improve your food knowledge, creativity and planning skills 

  • You’re less likely to have food go to waste, which is good for the landfills and your wallet  

  • You can save money by eating out less often 

  • Home-cooked meals tend to have a less sugar, salt and saturated fat compared to take-out, ready-made or convenience foods.  

  • You can cook with friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers, and share food traditions unique to your cultures 

What should I do if I’m too busy to cook from home? 

Busy schedules can make cooking at home challenging. Thankfully, Canada’s Food Guide has tips on how to find time for healthy cooking

  1. Batch Cook. Make many portions of one meal so that when you need it, it’s ready! Keep them in your fridge to have during the week, or freeze and thaw as you need it.
  2. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked. Avoid turning to convenience foods by keeping your kitchen stocked with ingredients needed to make your favourite healthy meals.  
  3. Use a Slow Cooker. Slow cookers are great for busy schedules because they don’t require much attention.  
  4. Keep it simple. Choose realistic recipes. Recipes don’t have to have a long ingredient list for them to be tasty and healthy! As your confidence and skills develop, try more advanced recipes and cooking methods. 

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