COVID-19 Vaccine


Doses Administered

Local information on vaccines in our district can be found on the COVID-19 Status Report. 

Vaccine Strategy Playbook

The Health Unit has put together a Vaccine Strategy Playbook to assist in guiding the planning and rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. This document serves a framework on which to build our vaccination plans in our district; however, it is not static and will be continuously updated as changes are made by the Ministry of Health to the priority groups, changes in vaccine supply, and the number of individuals included in each group.  

View our Vaccine Strategy Playbook 

*Please note that the priority groups as listed on page 14 have been updated. For up-to-date information on priority groups included in each phase, visit Ontario’s Vaccine webpage.

Where we are in the vaccine rollout

The pace at which the Health Unit can move through the priority groups depends on the amount of vaccine received locally and the number of individuals in each group. See Ontario’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan to learn more about the priority groupings and Ontario's Ethical Framework for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution to learn more about the ethical principles that guide the COVID-19 vaccine prioritization. 

Phase 1 – Status of Priority Groups 

First and Second Dose Received 

  • Long-term Care Home Residents 

  • High-risk Retirement Home Residents  

  • First Nations Elder Care Individuals  

  • Seniors in Retirement Home/Congregate Care Settings 

First Dose Received 

  • Long-Term Care Home Staff and Essential Caregivers 

  • High-risk Retirement Home Staff and Essential Caregivers 

  • First Nations Elder Care Staff  

  • Highest priority health care workers (HCWs) 

  • Indigenous Adults in High-Risk  Communities  

  • Individuals 55+ who live in a First Nations Community 

  • Retirement Home/Congregate Care Staff and Essential Caregivers  

  • Individuals 18-54 who live in a First Nations Community

First Dose Clinics in Progress 

  • Indigenous adults 55+ who do not live in a First Nations Community

  • Indigenous adults 18-54 who do not live in a First Nations Community
  • Very high priority HCWs  
  • High priority HCWs  
  • Individuals Born in or before 1941

Next Priority Group Clinics Being Planned 

  • Adult Recipients of Chronic Home Care  

Phase 2 – Status of Priority Groups 

First Dose Clinics in Progress 

  • Individuals Born in or before 1961 

Next Priority Groups (Planning Underway)

  • People Who Live and Work in High-Risk Congregate Settings  

  • Caregivers in Select Congregate Care Settings  

  • Essential Frontline Workers Who Cannot Work From Home  

  • Individuals With High-Risk Chronic Conditions  

  • Essential Caregivers for Individuals with High-Risk Chronic Conditions  

  • Communities at Greater Risk  

  • Individuals experiencing homelessness 
  • Select education workers

Phase 3  - Yet to Begin

Next Priority Groups

  • Remaining Ontarians Over 16 Years Old Who Wish to be Vaccinated  

About COVID-19 Vaccines 

Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine and Vaccination FAQ Page

 for information on the COVID-19 vaccine, getting vaccinated, side effects and more. 


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