COVID-19 Vaccine: Information for Parents/Guardians

Image of an adult and child wearing face coverings and looking at the camera. The child has the sleeve of their T-shirt rolled up to show a band-aid on their arm.


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By now you're probably familiar with routine vaccinations such as the flu shot and Hepatitis vaccines, but kids have never had the COVID-19 vaccine before. We've put together some of our favourite trustworthy resources to help you and your child make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccine, and make getting the shot a positive experience (should they choose to get vaccinated).

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Children & Youth


More to Consider

  • As more children and youth get vaccinated, they will be better able to continue doing the activities they enjoy and that support their mental health and well-being.
  • Vaccinating children and youth is an important step in reducing the spread of COVID-19 within families, friends, schools and broader communities.
  • Although we don't hear many stories of children and youth getting COVID-19, they can get the virus and sometimes become very sick or experience long-term symptoms. Getting your children vaccinated means they would be less likely to experience severe symptoms or hospitalization if they ever did get COVID-19.

Plan Ahead

Even after you've decided to trust the vaccine, the act of getting vaccinated can cause stress and anxiety for children and adults alike. Here are some strategies you and your child can use together to help make the appointment go smoothly:


Where can my child get vaccinated?

Individuals five to 11 years of age are encouraged to attend one of our upcoming Child and Youth COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics. Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments and Clinics page to learn more. 

Depending on vaccine supply, they may also be able to receive the vaccine at:

  • Indigenous-led vaccination clinics *Vaccine not yet available
  • Participating pharmacies and primary care providers *Vaccine not yet available
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics for the general population *Vaccine not yet available

Still Concerned?

Come talk to us!

  • The nurses at our clinics are well trained in vaccinating children and youth, and will be happy to accommodate your family's needs in any way possible.
  • If you have something you'd like to ask about before attending a clinic, contact our COVID-19 Call Centre at 1-844-478-1400, or 705-995-3810.

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