COVID-19 Regulations, Restrictions & Recommendations



A regulation is a legal rule enforced by the government to help protect individuals. If you do not follow a regulation, you may face a formal penalty or consequence, such as a fine. Regulations are often in place as a minimum requirement, and are often supported by restrictions and recommendations.

Read the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and the Reopening Ontario Act.

Class Order is a type of regulation. It is issued to a class of persons rather than a single individual. There currently is one in effect for our Health Unit region the one under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Visit our frequently asked questions page to learn more.  

For more information on regulations, contact our COVID-19 Call Centre at 1-844-478-1400.


Restrictions outline limits on what is allowed and can vary based on the setting and a district’s place within Ontario. They are also enforceable by the government.

In addition to the provincial health measures, some municipalities and local medical officers of health have added their own regional restrictions or requirements. Check your municipality's website for details.

Where there are regional restrictions or requirements, all provincial restrictions also apply.


A recommendation is a piece of advice. Individuals can choose whether to follow this advice without facing a formal penalty. Recommendations often align with and build upon regulations. Although they are not enforceable, recommendations are made to help protect the health and safety of individuals.

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