The Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program


The Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program (NFVP) provides two free servings of vegetables and fruit each week to students (JK to grade 8) from January to June. The main goal of the program is to increase the likeability of vegetables and fruit among elementary school children. The program is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and is run in partnership with the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association.

In 2019, every school in our district that has students from JK to Grade 8 is taking part in the program. This includes 63 elementary and intermediate schools and over 11,500 students!

On this page you will find information and resources to help run the NFVP in your school: the menu schedule, classroom resources, information on food safety training, and program evaluation results.

Any questions or comments about the program can be directed to Kendra Patrick, NFVP Coordinator:

Call 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5376 or email

Menu Schedule

Here is the list of vegetables and fruit being offered in 2019. It is subject to change based on availability and quality of produce.

NFVP Menu  NFVP Menu French

Classroom Resources

Health Unit Resources

Other Resources

Listed below you will find a variety of resources to help teach nutrition and physical activity in the classroom. All resources are available in English and French.

Food safety training (Free for NFVP Volunteers)

Each school involved in the NFVP must have at least one food handler that has completed the Food Safety Training Certification course (valid for 5 years). There are three ways volunteers can get their food safety certificate:

1. Food Safety Certificate Course with Exam

The in-person Food Safety Training Certification course is 6½ hours of content plus an exam. The course cost of $45 will be covered by the NFVP.

2. Online Course with Proctored Exam

An online version of the course is available through In Good Hands or En bonnes mains. It can be completed in about 12 hours (or less) over a 6 week period. Those who choose this option will register and pay using a personal credit card, and be reimbursed by the NFVP upon completion. After finishing the online course, individuals will write a proctored exam through the Health Unit.

3. Self-Study with Proctored Exam

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has an online manual called Food Safety: A Guide for Ontario’s Food Handlers. Individuals can review the document and write a proctored exam through the Health Unit when ready. 

For information on proctored exam dates, call: 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5400

 Evaluation Results

In 2017, students in grades 5-8 at some local schools completed a survey before the program started and at the end of the program. Here’s what we found:

  • 94% of students reported that they like to eat fruit
  • 68% of students reported that they like to eat vegetables
  • Yet, only 19% of students recorded consuming the recommended number of vegetables and fruit servings from Canada’s Food Guide
  • 90% of students were very willing or willing to try new fruit and vegetables that they’d never tried before
  • 91% of students enjoyed receiving fruit or vegetables in their classroom 2 times a week
  • Students’ preferences increased for fruit offered as part of the program

This shows that exposure to fruits and vegetables (as in the case of the NFVP) may help to increase likeability, acceptance, and consumption of these foods. 

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