The Law - Supplying


The Law - Supplying

The Facts

It is illegal to sell or supply vape products to anyone under the age of 19. Sharing with friends is considered “supplying to youth” and could result in a charge. The fine for supplying vape products to minors (including sharing with friends) in 2020 is $490.


  1. Along with a fine, list some other potential consequences of sharing vape products with friends.
  2. What are some factors that could influence youth to start vaping?


Interview someone (e.g., parent, coach, sibling, friend, etc.) about vaping. Plan the questions you will ask. Audio record the interview (with permission) and summarize their responses.


Record a podcast episode about vaping to share with your class or school. You can make use of the questions you answered in Inquiry and include clips from the interview you did in Response. Use this form to help you plan: “Podcast Planning”.

Call to Action

Be an influencer: As a group or as a class, create a banner with messages to the younger kids in the school. Include messages about what you can do or say if someone is offering or pressuring you to vape. Include messages about why you choose not to vape.

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