The Law - Property


The Law - Property

The Facts

According to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, you cannot smoke or vape:

  •  Inside a school 
  •  On school property, including playgrounds and sports fields
  •  In public areas within 20 metres of school property

Anyone who vapes on or within 20 metres of school property in 2020 can be fined $305.


What are some other places where smoking and vaping are not allowed in Ontario? Find information here: “Where you can’t smoke or vape in Ontario”


Identify what items you would choose to buy that cost the same as the fine for vaping on school property ($305) and for supplying vape products to youth ($490). List items and their prices that add up to each of these totals.


You have been assigned a mission to communicate with aliens in another galaxy about something they have never heard of: vaping. Your task is to write them a letter describing the issue we are seeing on Planet Earth. You must explain:

  • What vaping is
  • Why people are vaping
  • Why people might say vaping is positive or negative
  • Your recommendations for whether they should allow vaping on their planet or not

Call to Action

Create a meme to encourage students not to vape on school property, or in general. Place a caption on a picture to get your point across. 

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