School and Classroom Supports


Here are some suggested resources to support classroom learning and a healthy school environment:

  • Hand Hygiene - Resources to support good hand washing practices and prevent the spread of germs. 
  • Healthy Eating - How to create a healthy food environment and teach about nutrition. 
  • Immunization - A teaching tool about immunization, antibiotics, and global health.
  • Injury Prevention - Information on concussions, safe cycling, helmet use, road safety and sun safety. 
  • Mental Health - Resources to promote positive mental health in the classroom and at school. 
  • Oral Health - Supports for teaching how to keep teeth and gums healthy. 
  • Physical Activity - Ways for schools to promote active living for life. 
  • Sexual Health - Teaching tools for healthy growth and sexual development. 
  • Tobacco and Substance Use - Resources to prevent risk behaviours and teach about smoking, vaping, cannabis and opioids.

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