Reporting and Exclusion Guidelines for Camps


The Health Protection and Promotion Act, 1990, Regulation 568 for Recreational Camps, section 5 states: Every operator shall ensure that every person living in a camp or employed in a camp is free of any communicable disease or any infectious agent thereof. R.R.O. 1990. Reg. 538. S.5.

Reporting and Exclusion Guidelines for Camps are similar in nature to the Reporting and Exclusion Guidelines for Schools.

If illness occurs among campers or staff, please consult the NBPSDHU's Reporting and Exclusion Guidelines for Schools for guidance.

This resource will provide general recommendations with respect to reporting requirements and exclusion recommendations.

Consult with the NBPSDHU Communicable Disease Program when determining whether exclusion is required for a camper or staff, and for how long, especially in the following circumstances:

Outbreak: If an outbreak is declared this may alter exclusion guidelines.

Food Handlers:  Exclusion guidelines may be altered if an ill camper or staff handles food/beverages.

Animal Bites: All animal bites and scratching incidents are to be reported to the Environmental Health Program at the Health Unit (see Appendix C: Contact Information). Advise children not to approach dead, sick or unknown animals.

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