The Facts

Vape products, like tobacco products and alcohol, are not meant to be sold or supplied to youth.  E-cigarette companies use designs for their products that make them look like normal everyday products youth are familiar with.  


Attractive product or package design is one strategy the tobacco industry has used to market its products to youth. Research and describe other marketing strategies or "tricks" that industries (such as food, tobacco, cosmetics, etc.) have used to appeal to youth.  You can find more information here: “How Marketers Target Kids”.


Watch this video, “Identify which products teens are vaping” (1:18 minutes), and look at the picture below.

  1. Identify some everyday products that look similar to vape products.
  2. Why do you think vape products are designed to look similar to everyday products used by youth?

Identify the vape products


Research how social media influencers help companies sell products. Imagine you are a social media influencer and create a video,blog post, or webpage to try to sell a healthy product.

Call to Action

#TBT: Make a list of industry marketing tricks you don’t want the vape industry to bring back – and some fun throwbacks you would rather see (e.g., Instead of fruit-flavoured tobacco products, let’s bring back Fruit-by-the-Foot! Instead of hiding the facts, let's bring back hide-and-seek!). For more examples, click here: “The Hit We’ll Take: A Throwback Anti-Vaping Guide”.  

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