Immunization in Schools


The Kids Boost Immunity (KBI) website is designed as a free resource for teachers of grades 6-10 and has lessons on a wide range of topics such as:

  • Germs and infections
  • The immune system
  • Antibiotics
  • The spread of infectious disease & outbreaks
  • Global inequality in health and the role of NGOs
  • Evaluating online information sources

All of the lessons are linked to the ONTARIO school curriculum. School immunization programs occur in Ontario schools in grades 7-12, making vaccine lessons especially pertinent. The goal of KBI is to raise literacy about topics such as immunization, antibiotics, and global health.

  • Social Studies – grade 6
  • Geography – grade 8
  • Science & Technology – grade 7/8
  • Health & PE – grade 7/8
  • Science – grade 10
  • KBI also incorporates indigenous perspectives in health within various topics and lessons throughout the site.

After completing a lesson, students are directed to take a quiz and students earn vaccines for questions they answer correctly. The more quizzes a student does, the more vaccines they earn for kids in another part of the world through UNICEF.

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