Healthy Eating at School


Food plays a big role in the school environment. Food is offered and available in a number of ways including breakfast and snack programs, class parties, school fundraisers, classroom rewards, vending machines, and the cafeteria.

Creating a school environment and culture that supports healthy eating helps students learn better and promotes lifelong healthy habits.

To help create healthy habits at your school, you can:

Classroom Resources


Canada’s Food GuideThe Canada’s Food Guide website has many resources to assist in teaching the food guide principles to students. Class sets of the new food guide are available from Health Canada.

Bright Bites: The Bright Bites website has tips for educators and ideas for cross-curricular connections to healthy eating, from ArtLanguageMathematicsSocial Studies, and Science and Technology.

Health Unit Resources to Borrow: The Health Unit lends out food model kits, our blender bike, and sugary drink resources to schools. 

Paint Your PlateThe Paint Your Plate lesson plans for grades 1-8 help to teach students about the importance of vegetables and fruit.

Sip Smart!™ Ontario: Sip Smart!™ Ontario is a licensed classroom educational program that helps teach children in grades 3 to 7 about sugary drinks and about making healthy drink choices. This Dietitians of Canada run website, includes information on nutrition, recipes, videos and interactive healthy eating tools. 

School Resources


Bright Bites: Students need wholesome, tasty food and enjoyable eating experiences, but improving school nutrition can be challenging. BrightBites is a non-profit project that breaks this challenge down into fun, easy badges for schools to earn.

Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program: The Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program provides two free servings of vegetables and fruit each week to students (JK to grade 8) from January to June.

School Food and Beverage Policy: Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.

Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guidelines and Recipes: The Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guidelines help to model the most healthful meals and snacks for children and youth participating in school breakfast and snack programs.

Student Nutrition Program Online Learning Modules: This online course is for school staff and volunteers who are delivering student nutrition programs. Completing these learning modules will help you to understand and apply the Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Guidelines.


Learn about other ways to create healthy schools.

For more resources on this topic, visit our lending library & apps.



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