Health Effects


Health Effects

The Facts

Vaping is still relatively new, and we will not know some of the long-term health effects for many years. Some potential health effects include nicotine addiction, exposure to harmful chemicals and metals, lung injury associated with vaping certain products, nicotine poisoning if swallowed or absorbed, and burns and injuries from defective batteries exploding.


What is something about vaping that you are curious about? Record your question. Trade questions with a partner. Find evidence to answer your partner's question.


Watch this video: “Vaping Cost One Teen His Health and Dreams” (3:59 minutes).

Infer how the young person in the video felt about their decision to vape after experiencing the health effects. Justify why you think they felt that way. List any other consequences of vaping (beyond health) that are mentioned in the video.


Imagine you are a blogger in the future. You have just uncovered evidence about the health effects of vape products. Develop a blog post, including information about: 

  • The health effects doctors are seeing in patients
  • How the vape companies are responding to this evidence
  • What people should do to protect themselves and others
  • Where people can go for help 

Call to Action:

Photovoice: Take pictures of things, people or places to demonstrate what being healthy means to you. Select your top 3 photos and write a caption to explain each one. Share these in a creative way (e.g., presentation, poster board, scrapbook).

Learn More:

  • Refuse to be part of the experiment and learn more about the health effects of vaping at  

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