The Facts

Flavoured tobacco products are banned in Canada. However, many flavoured vape products are on the market. There are over 15,500 different vape juice flavours (and counting). 


Investigate how banning flavoured tobacco products has affected youth smoking rates.


Watch this video: "Flavoured Vapes Hook Kids” (1:42 minutes).

  1. Infer how the customers felt when they were told there was nicotine in their ice cream.
  2. How would you feel in that situation?
  3. In your opinion, why do so many flavours of vape juice exist?


Do you think that banning flavoured vape juices would lead to less vaping among youth? Choose a side (yes or no) and support your opinion. Convince someone of your opinion through a video, an oral presentation, a comic book story, or an essay.

Call to Action

Write a persuasive letter to Health Canada:

  • Either explain the importance of banning the sale of flavoured vape products


  • Explain what you think is the best way to reduce vaping among youth.

Bonus: Collect signatures in your school or community to make it a petition.

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