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nfortunately, not all items in our library are available for loan during the pandemic. If there is an item you would like to borrow, please contact us with your request and we will let you know if it is available.

Malheureusement, les articles de notre bibliothèque ne sont pas tous disponibles pour le prêt pendant la pandémie. S'il y a un article que vous aimeriez emprunter, veuillez nous contacter avec votre demande et nous vous ferons savoir s'il est disponible.

Here are some suggested resources to support classroom learning and a healthy school environment. For more information or to book a resource, contact the Healthy Schools Program at healthy.schools@healthunit.ca or 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5231.

Hand Hygiene 

Hand Hygiene Resources

Resource Name and Target Audience



Kindergarten through Grades 8

The Glidderbug is a UV lamp that can be used to do hand washing demonstrations in a bright environment.

Healthy Hands: Hand Hygiene Resource Manual: The Healthy Hands: Hand Hygiene Resource Manual aligns with the Ontario Curriculum to support teachers, students and their families with good hand washing practices and information. This resource includes lots of great activities and lessons around the topics of germs and healthy hand hygiene.

Healthy Hands: Hand Hygiene Resource Manual (French)

There is a Healthy Hands Hand Hygiene Resource Kit in your school for your use.  Please see the secretary or principal for this resource.


Book the Glidderbug now

Healthy Eating

Resources available to borrow

Name and Target 



Food Model Kits
Kindergarten through grade 3

Food model kits include a variety of
healthy food items from each food 
group. Items show healthy serving 
sizes and can be used to teach about healthy and balanced meals.


Book the Food Model Kit now


Food Model Kit Activities


a variety of plastic food models


Blender Bike
Grade 3 through 12

The Blender Bike is a great way to
promote healthy eating and physical
activity at school and community
events! It can blend foods and
beverages, such as smoothies,
simply through the motion of
pedaling the bike. Loads of fun for
participants and viewers!


Book the Blender Bike now


Additional information

Blender Bike Request Form

Formulaire de demande – Vélo-mélangeur

Blender Bike User Guide and Agreement

Vélo-mélangeur : Guide d’utilisation et entente




woman sitting on a stationary bicycle


Rethink Your Drink
Grades 4 through 6

The Rethink Your Drink toolkit
allows students to visualize the
amount of sugar in popular
beverages and learn about
making healthier choices.


Book the Rethink Your Drink now




A variety of beverages and their sugar content


The Sip Smart Wheel and Backdrop
Grades 3 through 7

The Sip Smart Wheel is a great
interactive activity for your next
school event! After spinning the
wheel, participants can guess how
many sugar cubes are in the drink
they land on. The 16 drinks are
grouped together and colour coded to reflect the “choose everyday”,
“choose sometimes”, and “avoid” messaging.

Available in French.


Book the Sip Smart Wheel and Backdrop now


Sip Smart!™ Ontario Teacher Resource Guide

Guide de ressources de l’enseignant Sois futé, bois santé!MC Ontario


Spinning wheel game with images of beverages


Healthy Eating Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to learn about healthy eating!

App Name

App Description

Downloadable Link

Issa’s Edible Adventures

Is your little one an aspiring chef? Download this app to explore the excitement of working in a restaurant kitchen while learning about different foods from around the world.

Issa’s Edible Adventures


Issa's Edible Adventures iOS


Munch Code 
The Munch Code Game is a fun way for individuals to practice healthier snacking. The game uses a colour system similar to traffic lights to identify how much individuals consume (e.g. green-“eat a bunch”, red-“not so much”).

Munch Code 


Munch Code iOS

Veggie Bottoms
 This interactive picture books allows kids of all ages to tap, spin, drag and shake their way to healthy fun! 

Veggi Bottoms


Veggie Bottoms iOS

Eat & Move-O-Matic

Eat & Move-O-Matic (free)

Grade Level:4-8

Eat & Move-O-Matic demonstrates the connection between food and how it acts as fuel for physical activity. It assists in developing an understanding of how food provides energy through calories, which then can be compared to a variety of  physical activities and the duration needed to participate in a given activity in order to use the energy consumed. Additionally, it provides healthy alternatives for nutrient-poor snacks and meals.

Eat, Move-O-Matic App


Eat & Move-O-Matic

Aim2Be for Kids

Aim2Be for Kids (free)

Grade Level: 5-8

Aim2Be aids in adopting healthy behaviours for the whole family, in alignment with Canadian health recommendations. Through evidence-based habit forming strategies, such as setting and monitoring weekly health related “aims”, quizzes, articles and individualized tasks, you can level up your life!

Aim2Be for Kids App


Aim2Be Kids iOS

Find in-classroom and school resources to promote healthy eating at school.



Injury Prevention

Resources available to borrow

Name and Target



Brain Mold
Kindergarten through
grade 10

Use the brain mold to stress the
importance of wearing a helmet.
Create a gelatin brain using the
instructions provided. Use the
mold in a variety of ways such
as placing the mold in a bike
helmet and letting it drop to the
ground. Repeat without a helmet.


Book a Brain Mold now


Plastic gelatin mold of the human brain


Concussion Goggles
Grades 3 through 12

Use this kit to simulate the debilitating
effects of a traumatic brain injury.
Both an elementary and secondary
user guide are included.


Book the Concussion Goggles now


Concussion simulation kit


Injury Prevention Apps

Download one of these really great apps to help students to stay safe!


App Name

App Description

Downloadable Link

Caillou Check Up

Caillou Check Up


Caillou Check Up iOS

Caillou Check Up Android

Concussion Ed

Concussion Ed is a tool to prevent, recognize, and manage concussions. Concussion Ed provides a method to track signs and symptoms of concussion, following a diagnosis. This is a great resource for parents, educators or coaches!


Concussion Ed



Concussion Ed iOS

Concussion Ed Android

Monster Heart Medic
Monster Heart Medic leads you through animations, simulations, achievements, and arcade games where you will learn about how to maintain a healthy heart and body. 

 Monster Heart Medic


Monster Heart Medic iOS

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades

CDC HEADS UP Rocket Blades (free)

Grade Level: 1-3

HEADS UP Rocket Blades teaches concussion safety in a futuristic world of galactic racing adventures. Players will learn about the importance of head protection, how to recognize the symptoms of a concussion, and the importance of resting prior to returning to activity when a head injury is sustained.

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades App


CDC Heads Up Android

CDC Heads Up iOS



Mental Health

Resources available to borrow

 Name and Target Audience 



40 Developmental Assets Building Blockbusters
Grade 7 through 12

Helping to look at both internal and external assets and how to build them in youth. 


Instruction Manual and Definitions - English

Instruction Manual and Definitions - French



Book the Building Blockbusters now

Brain Architecture Game
Grade 7 through 12

The Brain Architecture game lets you build a brain while using cards to determine your life path. Explore the powerful role of relationships and brain development.


Book the Brain Architecture Game now

 Brain Architecture Game


Mental Health Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to support mental health!

App Name

App Description


Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness
Headspace helps you focus, breathe, stay calm, perform at your best, and get a better night’s rest. It helps individuals by developing life-changing skills such as relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. 

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness


Headspace iOS

Headspace Android


Zen Studio
Zen studio is a finger painting app designed to help children relax and focus. A calm, soothing music algorithm accompanies every swipe of the finger making it a very soothing experience!

Zen Studio


Zen Studio iOS



Calm: Sleep, Meditate, Relax (free or subscription based for additional features)

Grade Level: K-12

Calm assists in alleviating stress, anxiety and sleeping troubles through mindfulness practices including guided meditations, breathing exercises, stretching programs, music and sleep stories. With a variety of mindfulness topics and lengths to choose from, Calm provides a relaxing experience for everyone.


Calm App


Calm Android

 Calm iOS

Happify (free or subscription based for additional features)

Grade Level: Grades 4-12

Happify is all about reducing stress, building resiliency, and overcoming negative thoughts through playing science-based games. Using evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy, this app is full of fun, mood boosting activities. 

Happify App


Happify Android

Happify iOS 

Happy Color

Happy Color (free)

Grade Level: K-12

Happy Color is a colour by number that promotes relaxation through the joy of colouring. With a variety of categories of paintings to explore, Happy Color offers a soothing moment to relax your mind.

Happy Color 


Happy Color iOS

Happy Color Android

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids (free trial followed by subscription)

Grade Level: K-4

Cosmic Kids is a video based app that provides child friendly yoga, including Frozen, Minecraft, Star Wars and Moana themed sessions. Throughout the sessions, mindfulness is explained in a way that resonates with children.


Cosmic Kids app


Cosmic Kids Android

Cosmic Kids iOS


Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind (free)

Grade Level: K-12

Smiling Mind is a resource designed to assist in dealing with the pressure, stress and challenges of everyday life. Breathing meditations and sensory activities bring balance while training your mind!

Smiling MindDownload

Smiling Mind Android

Smiling Mind iOS

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Breathe, Think, Do is an introduction to mindfulness and emotional awareness to assist in coping with frustrating and distressing situations facing younger grade schoolers. It assists in instilling skills such as problem solving, self-control, planning and task persistence through animations, playful interactions and personalized       encouragements.

Breathe, Think, Do app 


Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame Android

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame iOS

Oral Health

 Resources available to borrow

Name and Target Audience



Oral Health Teaching Puppets (large)
Kindergarten through Grade 8

Choose from one of three large puppets (dinosaur, alligator or dragon) to teach your students about proper brushing and flossing.

Kit includes large toothbrush, teaching puppet, brushing/flossing poster and carrying case as well as toothbrushes, flossers and timers for your class. Be sure to include the number of students and age group when placing an order. 

Book the Oral Health Teaching puppets (large) now


*Note: Due to COVID-19 the puppets are to be handled only by the teacher, not passed around to the students, and are not to be shared between classes 


Large puppet with toothbrush 
Oral Health Teaching Puppets (small)
Kindergarten through Grade 8

Choose from one of three small puppets (dinosaur, monkey or dog) to teach your students about proper brushing and flossing.

Kit includes large toothbrush, teaching puppet, brushing/flossing poster and carrying case as well as toothbrushes, flossers and timers for your class. Be sure to include the number of students and age group when placing an order.

Book the Oral Health Teaching Puppets (small) now


*Note: Due to COVID-19 the puppets are to be handled only by the teacher, not passed around to the students, and are not to be shared between classes 

small dinosaur, monkey and dog puppet 
Toothbrushes, Flossers and Timers
Kindergarten through Grade 8

Give your students the tools to practice good oral health! Order a class set of toothbrushes, flossers and timers. Be sure to include the number of students and age group when placing an order.


Order Toothbrushes, Flossers and Timers now
Floss, timer and toothbrush 

Oral Health Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to learn about proper brushing and Oral Health!

App Name

 App Description

Downloadable Link 

Animal Brushing Teeth for Kids

This app allows students the chance to practice brushing their teeth on an assortment of different animals.

Animal brushing their teeth 

Animal Brushing Teeth for Kids iOS

An app that provides students with the chance to practice brushing skills and clean the plaque off of teeth. This interactive activity includes a timer, divides the mouth into four sections and has varying levels of difficulty (i.e. amount of plaque).

 cartoon character brushing teeth



Brushing iOS

Brush Up

A video that shows students how to their brush teeth properly.

Brush Up character 


Brush Up iOS

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

A fun way to brush your teeth! Listen along to your favourite Disney song while brushing.


Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B 


Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B iOS

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B Android

Toothsavers Brushing Game
This app includes several great activities to help students practice oral hygiene care! Includes a story and an interactive game that allows students to save people by brushing their teeth. It also gives participants the opportunity to practice brushing their teeth by following along with a video or by practicing with a friend (i.e. hold the tablet in front of you while friend brushes your teeth).

Toothsavers Brushing Game 


Toothsavers Brushing Game


Tiny Dentist

Tiny Dentist (One time purchase)

Grade Level: K-3

Tiny Dentist turns your device into a dental office! You can learn about different dental instruments and treatments to prepare for your next trip to the dentist and alleviate any nerves or confusion.

Tiny Dentist App


Tiny Dentist Android

Tiny Dentist iOS

Physical Activity 

Resources available to borrow

Name and Target



Playground Stencils
Kindergarten through grade 8

Playground stencils are a great way to help
kids be more active! Whether it be classic
hopscotch, snakes and ladders or a four square, playground stencils will
liven up your playground.

Click to view all English language stencils.

Click to view all French language stencils.

Click to view stencils that are available from the Parry Sound Office


Book Playground Stencils now


Woman painting playground stencils on pavement


Grades 4 through 8

These portable electronic pedometers
count each step a person takes by
detecting the motion of the person's
hands or hips. A great way to track
physical activity! Set includes 58 monitors.


Book the Pedometers now

Set of three black pedometers

Physical Activity Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to promote physical activity!

App Name

App Description

Downloadable Link

GoNoodle provides dancing, yoga and mindfulness activities to keep you active in a fun and exciting way! 



GoNoodle iOS

GoNoodle Android

Sworkit Kids

Sworkit Kids (free for kids and educators)

Grade Level: K-12

Sworkit provides a variety of fun workouts to use as brain breaks, warm-ups/cooldowns, or more vigorous physical activity for all ages. Sworkit’s mission is to make a positive and long-lasting impact on children’s exercise habits through instilling a love for exercise. Educators can access the full premium version for free!

Sworkit Kids AppDownload

Sworkit Android

Sworkit iOS

 Sweat Deck Sweat Deck (free or paid version for additional features)

Grade Level: K-12

Sweat Deck builds healthy habits as you move through a deck of exercise cards. Work through a variety of simple yet effective exercises that target numerous muscle groups.

Sweat Deck 


Sweat Deck iOS

PE Shake

PE Shake (One time purchase)

Grade Level: K-12

In one simple shake of your device, one of 100 warm-up exercises will be selected. With minimal equipment and set up required, each PE session can begin with a new and exciting warm up game that students will love. 

The PE Shake 


PE Shake iOS

Sexual Health

 Resources available to borrow

 Name and Target Audience



Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Board Game
Grades 7 through 12

Used as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) lesson to introduce types of STI’s, causes, symptoms, transmission, and treatment (curable/incurable). Students work together to place cards in the correct order to make the board complete.  Can be used as an introduction to an STI unit or as a review to test student knowledge and understanding.


Available in French.


Book the Sexually Transmitted Infections Board Game now

 STI Board game
Birth Control Teaching Kit
Grades 8 through 12

Multiple birth control methods are described in the flipchart explaining what it is, how to properly use it and the advantages/disadvantages of each method.


Book the Birth Control Teaching Kit now
 Birth Control Teaching Kit

Sexual Health Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to promote healthy choices!

App Name

App Description

Downloadable Link

Real Talk

Real Talk (free)

Grade Level: 9-12

Real Talk aims to make sexual education relatable and accessible  through addressing questions regarding puberty, gender, relationships, bullying and more through the use of real teens’ stories. Teens can select a story that is relatable to them, read a text interaction of real teens discussing the subject, and will be directed to credible resources that can assist them in navigating the situation at hand.

Real Talk App Download

Real Talk iOS


Amaze and Amaze Jr

Grade Level: Amaze: 7-10 Amaze Jr: K-5

Amaze and Amaze Jr aim to answer questions about sexual orientation, gender identity, personal safety, etc. through age appropriate animations. With a library of credible content, Amaze aims to provide informative answers to big questions.

Amaze App 


Amaze Jr       Amaze


Tobacco and Substance Use  

Resources available to borrow

Name and Target Audience



Vaping: What’s the Hype? / Trousse d’outils sur le vapotage
Grades 5 through 9


 A curriculum-linked vaping prevention toolkit. The toolkit aims to support discussion and critical thinking to help youth make informed decisions for their health. Includes resource cards, an educator guide and online content. Available in English or French.

Book Vaping: What's the Hype? / Trousse d'outils sur le vapotage now

Vaping toolkit 
Clem’s Phlegm
Grades 4 through 12

This is a great discussion starter for
any anti-smoking lesson or program!
This sealed jar contains about 2
weeks of the phlegm that would
be coughed up by a smoker with
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


Book Clem's Phlegm now

Jar of goo with cartoon image
Mr. Gross Mouth
Grades 4 through 12

Hinged model of teeth, tongue, and
oral cavity shows the effects of using
smokeless tobacco. Includes a bottle of
simulated tobacco and instructions show
how to make the tongue "split." Several
oral cancers, gum disease, cavities and
loss of teeth can be illustrated on this model.


Book Mr. Gross Mouth now
Model of teeth, tongue, and oral cavity shows the effects of using smokeless tobacco
Pig’s Lungs
Grades 4 through 12

A great way to educate students on the
harmful effects of tobacco! This pig's lungs
kit simulates a smoker's lung and a set of
preserved pig lungs to demonstrate differences in colour and texture between a smoker's and a non-smoker's lungs.


Book the Pig's Lungs now
 Pig's lungs simulate a smoker's lungs
Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) Bucket
Grades 5 through 12

Games, games and more games!
Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP)
buckets contain a wide variety of
interactive games and activities
related to tobacco and other substances.
All materials and instructions for each game are included.

Available in French.


Book The Substance Abuse Prevention Bucket now
 A collection of games and instructions
Year's Worth of Tar
Grades 4 through 12

A great way to show the actual effects
of smoking! This graphic, sealed exhibit
contains a pack of cigarettes and
cigarette butts submerged in gooey tar.
The tar in this jar represents the amount
of carcinogenic liquid one-pack-a-day smokers put into their lungs over a year's time.


Book the Year's Worth of Tar now

 sealed exhibit contains a pack of cigarettes and cigarette butts submerged in gooey tar
Fatal Vision Goggles
Grades 9 through 12

These goggles can be used to demonstrate how alcohol impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time and judgment. This kit includes 7 goggles all having different levels of impairment (blood alcohol concentration) with the highest impairment level demonstrating binge or high risk drinking.


Book the Fatal Vision Goggles now

 Sets of goggle and reading material
Fatal Vision Cannabis Impairment Goggles Grades 9 through 12 

These goggles help simulate the effects of cannabis use, including loss of motor coordination, slowed decision-making and reaction time, and distorted vision. The kit comes with instructional materials and videos to help conduct activities to simulate impairment.


Book the Fatal Vision Cannabis Impairment Goggles now

Cannabis Impairment Googles 

Tobacco and Substance Use Apps

Download one of these really great apps for students to promote healthy choices and prevent tobacco and substance use!

App Name

App Description

Downloadable Link

Decision Maker or Decision Roulette

Create your own spinner by entering words or choosing icons for each possibility. Alter the fraction of any option to change the likelihood.

Decision Maker or Decision Roulette 


Decision Maker or Decision Roulette iOs

Decision Maker or Decision Roulette Android

DIY Human Body
DIY Human Body allows you to learn about the human body through hands-on activities related to your health. 

DIY Human Body 


DIY Human Body iOS

Drug Facts 4 Young People
This comic-book style e-book focuses on the decision-making process and aims to give students the tools to help them make good choices. Topics include peer pressure, being a friend, decision making, setting goals and making positive choices.

Drug Facts 4 Young People


Drug Facts 4 Young People iOS

Drug Facts 4 Young People Android


Living Lung

The Living Lung™ is a real-time 3D health and communication tool that includes a model of the lungs that allows you to observe breaths per minutes and changes in lung volume.

Living Lung


Living Lung iOS


Tobacco Free Teens

Includes mini-games and activities to entertain and inform the user. Topics covered include: chemicals in tobacco, teens as targets of tobacco companies, myths about smoking, secondhand smoke and many more!


Tobacco Free Teens


Tobacco Free Teens iOS


Trivia Maker – Quiz Creator
 TriviaMaker is a fast and easy way to create fun and engaging trivia games. This app allows you to customize game shows and helps students prepare for tests. 

Trivia Maker – Quiz Creator


Trivia Maker - Quiz Creator iOS 

Alcohol and Your Brain

Alcohol and Your Brain

Grade Level: 10-12

This health education app explains the physiological effects of alcohol on the developing brain through an evidence based 7 minute video. It explains the metabolism of alcohol by the body, blood alcohol concentration, and the changes to various structures of the brain that occur when alcohol is consumed in excess. After viewing the video, users can take a quiz to test their knowledge and ultimately gain the knowledge to make informed decisions.




Alcohol and Your Brain App


Alcohol and Your Brain Android

Alcohol and Your Brain iOS

 Pure Rush

Pure Rush

Grade Level: 7-12

Pure Rush takes a different approach to substance use education through an interactive game in which players will learn about illegal drugs and their harms on the way to a music festival. Avoiding drugs is the key to success, both in the game and in the real world!

Pure Rush App


Pure Rush iOS 

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