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This section provides information on the Health Unit's programs and services that are available to child care facilities.
For more information on the Health Unit's programs and services call 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808 and ask for the appropriate extension:

  • Communicable Disease Control Program - ext. 5229
  • Nutrition - ext. 5209
  • Oral Health - ext. 5328
  • Sexual Health Program - North Bay Office - ext. 5289    Parry Sound Office - ext. 3213
  • Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program - North Bay Office - ext. 5252    Parry Sound Office - ext. 3215

Communicable diseases in child care centres

Lutte contre les maladies transmissibles


To report outbreaks and/or reportable diseases to the health unit please call 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5229 or fax the diseases of public health significance notification form to 705-474-2809. 

These resources will provide you with guidance when a child in your centre has or may have an infectious or reportable disease.  Information includes: signs and symptoms, how to prevent the spread, when to exclude, and when to report to the health unit.  

Important note: These resources are for information only; diagnosis of an infection must be made by a health care provider.

Duty to report a reportable disease

If a principal of a school or an operator of an institution, such as a child care centre, has knowledge of, or suspects that a child in their school or child care centre has a reportable disease listed on the Diseases of public health significance list, the local health unit must be informed in accordance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act (R.S.O. 1990, C.7; Part IV).

Outbreak detection and management

An outbreak occurs when there is a greater than expected number of children ill with similar signs and symptoms (for example, suspect an outbreak when there are two cases of enteric illness in a specific area or room within 48 hours). Outbreaks are reportable to your local public health unit (HPPA, R.S.O. 1990, C.7).  Call as soon as you suspect an outbreak or when you see an increase in the number of children absent or ill with similar symptoms.

Refer to Outbreaks: Information for Childcare Providers for general information on outbreaks.

Call the Health Unit to report a suspected enteric outbreak (vomiting and/or diarrhea).  Please fill in the Childcare Enteric Outbreak Line Listing Record form prior to calling. 

Use the Chickenpox - Daily Reporting form ( Formulaire de déclaration quotidienne de la varicelle ) to report new cases of chickenpox (varicella).

When you call a public health nurse will review outbreak control measures with you.


Our exclusion guidelines page has fact sheets which detail signs and symptoms and exclusion recommendations for reportable and non-reportable diseases.

The following resources are available to you.  Printed copies are available upon request.


Staff are available to conduct educational hand hygiene activities in your centre at your request.

Clinical information

Everything you wanted to know about bed bugs


Sharps Found in the Community

Environmental health program

Ontario Regulation 243/07 - Schools, Private Schools and Day Nurseries

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)  / Peroxyde d'hydrogène accéléré (PHA)

Cleaning and Disinfecting for Day Cares

Cloth Diaper Procedures Procédures pour changer les couches en tissu

Diaper Procedures Procédures pour changer les couches

Sensory Tables 

Healthy schools

Ministry of Transportation for Ontario: Car Seat Safety

Health Canada: Is Your Child Safe?

Canadian Paediatric Society: Keeping Kids Safe

Health Canada: Consumer Product Education 


 A healthy nutrition environment exists when healthy eating is promoted through words and actions. This includes creating an environment that promotes healthy eating through role modeling, education, positive social interactions and the provision of safe and healthy foods.

Child care centres need to meet food and drink requirements in the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (section 42 of Ontario Regulation 137/15) for children one year of age or older.

To assist in meeting these guidelines, use the Menu Planning & Supportive Nutrition Environments in Child Care Settings - Practical Guide, which includes information for child care providers on menu planning, food and beverages that should be served, appropriate portion sizes for different age groups, sample menus and templates, as well as strategies to create a supportive nutrition environment.

Additional nutrition resources for child care providers can be found on the Ontario Dietitians in Public Health website. 

Oral health

Dental Health Topics

Dental First Aid

Our Dental Clinic

Sexual health

Please visit our sexual health services page

Vaccine preventable disease program

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