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The Recreational Camp Guide is provided to you by the Health Unit. There are two sections: (1) the role of public health with regards to illness in recreational camps and (2) the role of public health with regards to outbreaks, both enteric and respiratory.

Contact the Communicable Disease Control Program at 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5229 in the event of any illness at your camp.

Recreational Camp Guide for Infection Prevention and Control

Lyme disease fact sheet

Appendix A: Diseases of public health significance
Appendix B: Reporting & exclusion guidelines
Appendix C: How to reach us
Appendix D: Enteric line list form: Campers/staff
Appendix E: Cleaning recommendations during an outbreak
Appendix F: Outbreak control measures
Appendix G: Enteric outbreak kit - How to collect a stool sample
Appendix H: Labeling an enteric outbreak kit
Appendix I:  Enteric outbreak requisition form
Appendix J: Understanding the spread of infection
Appendix K: Facts on hand hygiene
Appendix L: Gastroenteritis fact sheet
Appendix M:Template letter to parents /staff 
Appendix N: Signage

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