The Facts

Addiction refers to problematic patterns of substance use or behaviours that can interfere with a person’s life. People can be addicted to things like nicotine, alcohol, gambling or internet use. People who are addicted to substances have lost control of how much they use, and they continue to use despite negative consequences.


  1. List places in the community or helplines where youth can get support for addictions, including nicotine addiction.  
  2. List people that youth can connect with for support when faced with pressures or curiosity to try vaping, tobacco, drugs or alcohol (e.g., parent, coach, etc.).


Watch this video: “What Causes Addiction” (3:30 minutes).

  1. Why do you think the rats in cages behaved differently from those in Rat Park?
  2. Along with chemicals, what other factors can influence addiction to substances?
  3. Do you think rat behaviour is similar to or different from human behaviour? Explain your answer. 


Create a new invention, technology or resource that could help people quit smoking and vaping. Describe how your creation works and draw or build a prototype. Make an advertisement to promote it.

Call to Action

Utilize your lists from Inquiry to share the sources of support with other students in a creative way (e.g., poster, flyer, school announcements, social media post, screen display, etc.). 

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