Population topic areas


Baby Boomers

For more information view Baby Boomers Demographic Profile (October 2015)

Indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal Peoples in the NBPSDHU region (June 2010)

  • This report provides a summary of the demographics of Aboriginal people within the Health Unit region, including population, cultural, social, and economic factors. Where possible, comparisons have been made over a five year period (2001 to 2006), as well as between the geographic areas of the Health Unit region, the North East Local Health Integration Network, and Ontario.

Labour force

The Labour Force in the NBPSDHU Region: A Population Profile (December 2010)

  • This report examines the population who are employed, overall and divided by major age groups (youths, adults, and older adults).  Statistics such as the unemployment rate, employment income, occupations, and industry are presented for geographies with the North Bay Parry Sound regions and compared to Ontario. Analyses of social factors among the labour force (e.g., education, language, presence of children) are also included.


The District of Parry Sound Speaks Out on Poverty: A Call to Action (June 2010)

  • This report is the result of community meetings held across the District of Parry Sound about the presence and effect of poverty in that region. The District of Parry Sound Speaks Out on Poverty: A Call to Action speaks to a need for change.


2012 Seniors in the NBPSDHU Region: A Health Status Report (September 2012)

  • The 2012 Seniors in the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Region: A Health Status Report summarizes demographic, health, and health care use measures among adults aged 65 years and older. The report covers chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes), mental health, injuries (e.g., falls), infectious disease, hospital stays, and mortality. Demographics include population counts, education, marital status, living arrangements, and language.


The Health of Youth in the NBPSDHU Region (November 2012)

  • The Health of Youth in the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Region report talks about the health and health behaviours in youth grades seven to twelve in 2011. It covers health topics like exercise, diet, use of health care and mental health. The report also covers other health-related areas including school performance, bullying, gambling, and video-gaming.

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