Board of Health Policies and Bylaws



The bylaws of the Board of Health are intended to direct the operations of the Board, specifically:

  • Banking and finance
  • Appointment of an auditor
  • Management of its property
  • Calling of and proceedings at meetings
  • Appointment and duties of Medical Officer of Health
  • Other appropriate matters

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According to the Ministry of Health’s Ontario Public Health Standards, Board of Health policies are to be reviewed by the Board every two years. The policies will be updated on the Health Unit website as changes occur.

All questions regarding the Board’s policies should be directed to Sheri Beaulieu, Management Administrative Assistant, the Office of the Medical Officer of Health, at 705-474-1400, ext. 5375, or to 

General policies 

Appointment of Board of Health Members - B-G-002

Appointment, Term of Office, Powers, and Duties for Committees of the Board of Health - B-G-006

Baby-Friendly Initiative - B-G-022

Board of Health Orientation and Training - B-G-020

Code of Conduct - B-G-010

Confidentiality of Information - B-G-004

Conflict of Interest - B-G-003

Copyright - B-G-026

Duties of Auditors and Legal Advisors for the Board of Health - B-G-007

Election, Term of Office, Duties, & Powers of the Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson - B-G-005

Geographic Areas Serviced by the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit - B-G-001

Health Unit Brand Governance - B-G-025

In Camera Meeting Proceedings - B-G-015

Information Process for Meetings of Board of Health and Committees - B-G-013

Meeting Proceedings for Board of Health/Committees - B-G-009

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act - B-G-012

Notice and Attendance of Public at Board of Health/Committee Meetings - B-G-021

Organizational Planning - B-G-024

Personal Health Information Protection Act - B-G-011

Recognizing Community Partners - B-G-014

Responding to Complaints Received by Board of Health Members - B-G-016

Risk Management - B-G-023

Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Health Members - B-G-008

Personnel policies

Anti-Nepotism - B-P-006

Integrated Accessibility Standards - B-P-012

Occupational Health & Safety - B-P-004

Preventing Workplace Harassment - B-P-001

Preventing Workplace Violence - B-P-009

Recognition of Staff and Volunteers - B-P-002

Relocation (Moving) Expenses for New Employees - B-P-003

Scent Free Workplace - B-P-005

Social Media Governance for Health Unit Accounts - B-P-010

Tobacco, Cannabis, and Electronic Cigarette Use Policy - B-P-007

Finance policies

Asset Capitalization - B-F-005

Asset Protection - B-F-002

Corporate Sponsorship and Donations - B-F-003

Municipal Reserve - B-F-007

Procurement - B-F-001

Remuneration - Board of Health Members - B-F-004

Signing Authority - B-F-006



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