News Release: Vaccinations Required for Students

Posted on Thursday January 03, 2019

Vaccinations Required for Students

According to the Immunization of School Pupils Act, students aged 4 to 17 must be vaccinated to attend school in the province of Ontario, or risk suspension. The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit (Health Unit), in conjunction with school boards across the Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts, is working to ensure that this legislation is followed.

The Health Unit has reviewed the vaccination records for all elementary and secondary students in their district. “Health Units are required to maintain complete vaccination records for every student in their district,” explains Elizabeth Mete, Public Health Nurse.

In keeping with the Immunization of School Pupils Act, notices will be sent to high school students whose records are incomplete. Specifically, high school students must be up-to-date with their diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, meningitis, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines. This is not time to panic, as this is just the first notice. Parents will have until March 6, 2019 to provide the information that their child’s vaccinations are up-to-date, to avoid suspension.

 “The Health Unit understands that if a student receives a notice it doesn’t necessarily mean their vaccinations are not up-to-date. The individual may have had their vaccinations done at their health care provider’s office and the information may have not been shared with the Health Unit. Sometimes parents do not realize that their child’s vaccinations are not up-to-date. This is why the Health Unit gives families two months to update their records with the Health Unit,” said Mete.

High school students who require updates to their vaccinations can be immunized at their school-based clinic, can make an appointment with the Health Unit, or with their health care provider. Please note if a parent chooses to have their child’s vaccinations done with their health care provider, the parent must ensure that the health care provider forwards the information to the Health Unit.

Vaccination records can be reviewed and submitted online at utilizing the Immunization Connect Ontario Tool.

For further information on the program, please see our website at or call the Health Unit at 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5252.


Quick Facts

How to update your child’s information:

• It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the Health Unit has all of their child’s vaccination information. Health care providers may not have forwarded this information to the Health Unit.

• If  the student’ s yellow card lists all the vaccinations they have had, the parent can provide the Health Unit with a copy.

• Vaccination records can be reviewed and missing information submitted online at utilizing the Immunization Connect Ontario Tool.

• If a vaccination appointment has been made, but a vaccination has not been administered, the student may still receive a suspension notice. The suspension will not be enforced if the student is vaccinated and the Health Unit is provided the information before the suspension date.


If your child needs vaccinations:

• Call the Health Unit to make an appointment for the required vaccinations at 705-474-1400 or 1-800-563-2808 ext. 5252.

• Vaccinations at a health care provider’s office must still be forwarded to the Health Unit, before the suspension date, to ensure records are accurately updated.

• Contact the Health Unit to discuss options for parents who do not wish to vaccinate their child.



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