Reports, Statistics & Geographic Profiles



Chronic Disease

Information about chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes and hyper-tension.

Environmental Health

Statistics and reports for environment, food safety, and vector borne diseases.

Geographic Profiles

Information pertaining to geographic distribution and social risk index (SRI).

Health Behaviours

Statistics and reports about health behaviours such as nutrition, healthy weights, physical activity, sexual activity, and more.

Infectious Diseases

Information about communicable diseases, influenza, sexually transmitted infections and disease transmitted by insects and animals.


Reports and statistics for injuries, emergency department visits, hospitalizations and mortality.


Mortality of Infants (among live born infants aged 364 days or younger) among all live births in the NBPSDHU region between 2002-2011

Oral Health

Reports and statistics for oral health.

Population Demographics

Information about population estimates, characteristics, and population specific reports.

Reproductive and Child Health

Reports and statistics for birth, child development, infant feeding, positive parenting, and expectant mothers.

Substance Use

Reports about substance use, such as alcohol, cannabis, illicit drugs and opioids, and tobacco.

Well-being and Mental Health

Information and reports pertaining to mental health and well-being, including stress, life satisfaction, sleep, sense of community belonging, anxiety, gambling, and more.

For support with interpreting statistical methods & graphs see NBPSDHU Statistics Data Interpretation Guide.

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