Protect Your Health



Taking the right steps

Health is about more than not being sick. To stay healthy, you need to make choices that are best for you. Check out our information and resources on the following:


Find out how to handle food safely or how to apply for a special event permit.

Home and Environment

You can learn more about the health effects of air pollution, how to clean up after your house floods,  how to deal with bed bugs, what to do if you have mould.

You will also find out how to prevent and deal with animal bites and scratches, mosquitoes and West Nile virus, ticks and Lyme disease.

Personal Care

Learn how important it is to wash your hands, check that your barber shop or beauty salon is safe, find out about the Needle Exchange program, and what to look for when getting a tattoo or body piercing.


Look here for information about safe drinking water, swimmer's itch, beach water quality, and blue green algae as well as the requirements for safe public spas, pools and hot tubs.


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