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Teachers and school staff will find information on various topics related to student and school health.


For lesson plans and detailed information visit our online school house.Healthy Schools Newsletter top of front page

You might find some interesting information in our current and past Healthy Schools Newsletters for elementary and secondary schools.



Covering the Oral Health component of the curriculum?


School Child ThinkingNo problem! All you have to do is click the link below, select the grade you're teaching and find everything you need. From lesson plans to experiments to projects, games and colouring sheets! Resources that support the Curriculum

Free dental supplies? Sure! Let us know that you plan to educate your class on the importance of good oral hygiene and we will be happy to supply toothbrushes, 2 minute timers and floss for each student.

There's more... Resource kits containing lesson plans as well as other great aids (such as puppets) are also available here at the health unit.
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Resources available in English and French

Visit our School Health page to find out more about how you can help to improve the health of your students and your school.


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