Child and Family Health


Find information about having a healthy pregnancy, growing a healthy child and family, and health information for teachers.

Hands holding pregnant woman's bellyBefore Baby Is Born

Expecting? Congratulations! There are many things you can do to ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Find information about the many lifestyle choices that you face every day, as well as information to help you prepare for labour and birth, and to care for your new baby.

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Baby’s First Year

Babys first year family photoAs your baby grows, your lifestyle and health choices continue to change for you and your family. Find information to help you learn and make important decisions about feeding your baby, and keeping your baby healthy and safe.

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Two preschool age children picking flowers. Preschool (1-3)

Your baby has grown! Find health information about protecting and supporting your toddler in their preschool years.

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school age children smilingSchool Age (4-11)

As your child grows, their growth and development needs change. Your child spends a big portion of their time in school and so you now share the responsibility of keeping your child healthy and safe within the school community. The school environment has a big impact on your child’s health. Find information specific to the health of your school-age child.

Resources for Teachers & Schools

Find free lesson plans at our online schoolhouse and information on all of the important health topics that impact student, classroom, and school health.

For information and support in creating a healthy school or to enhance a healthy school community, please check out our School Health page.

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